YSF is a CBSE and GSEB curriculum aligned DIY (Do-It-Yourself) science programme by FundooLabs for kids of Standard 1 to 8. In YSF, Fundoolabs’ exciting experiments give students ‘hands-on’ experience of important scientific concepts taught at school. YSF makes science memorable, fun, and useful. Students will come to understand science in ways that make it relevant to their everyday lives, and will help them to apply scientific thinking to real life problems.

Why Choose YSF for your kids?

Develops scientific temper

Improves Problem-solving Skills

Enhances Creativity

Boosts love for science

Improves academic performance


There are no batched of any upcoming YSF Workshops. We'll soon launch the schedule of batches for the next academic year. You can explore other upcoming STEM Workshops till then.

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