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Robotronics-Lite E-Series || Avishkaar


E-Series LITE Robotics Kit is India’s most popular DIY kit based on STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) concepts of learning. LITE kit contains, Micro-controller based WiFi enabled E-Series LITE Brain and Avishkaar Robotronics Design system that includes components in, Assembly, Movement, and tools category for building a multitude of robotic mechanisms. The whole design system is inbuilt to create innovators of tomorrow. The E-Series LITE Brain has 5 built-in Avishkaar Robotronics ports(6- Pin, RJ-11), to connect 4 Avishkaar Robotronics motors and one wired remote.

Kit Contents:

  • Construction Kit 
  • Gear pack
  • Motor set
  • Axle shaft set
  • Nuts and bolts set
  • Tool set
  • LITE Brain (Control unit)
  • Wired remote control


These Robots can do the whole gamut of Robotics mechanisms like Pick, Drop, Pull, Push or Drag using various components like Mechanical Strips, Gears, Motors, Control Panel, Controller and an inbuilt WiFi Module. These Robots can also be operated by using your phone via our App available both for Android and iOS. Kids can create more than 50 Robots with this kit.

The Box comes with instruction to help kids learn Robotics, and all the pieces and components are thoughtfully selected and designed to enable unlimited projects and discoveries related to principles in science, technology, engineering, art and math (STEM). Shown below are components provided in the Kit.



The kit can be enhanced with additional movement and assembly kits that are available separately. Also, this kit can be upgraded to a FULL kit with our Upgrade bundle.

The Kit can be used to learn various science concept and mechanical designing.