Model Rocketry

Model Rocketry
(@Spark Education, Vasna Road)
May 2018


FundooLabs rocketry workshops provide some of the skills future rocket scientists will need to put people into space.  Students will learn about the basic forces acting on a rocket and will explore the principles of design which enable that rocket to fly.

The workshop promotes engagement through excitement.  Children who are excited by science are eager to learn.  Making and launching a rocket makes physics real and could be the first step in getting your child to reach for the stars.

Venue: Spark Education, E 57, Shiv Darshan Complex,
Near HDFC Bank, Vasna Road, Vadodara

Students will learn to make three different types of rocket.

Age: 10 – 16 years   •  Time: 4.30 pm – 6 pm
Date: May 14th – May 18 th 2018

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Spark Education,
E57 Shiv Darshan Complex,
Near HDFC Bank, Vasna Road,

For details or registration:
Nikita Batra – 9537210597
Fundoo Labs – 9099059439

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