Kite Making Workshop 2019
January 7, 2018 - January 7, 2019

Kite Making Workshop


Kids are always fascinated with Indian festivals and one of the most interesting festivals for kids is the ‘Uttarayan’ or ‘The kite flying festival’. When it comes to teaching Science to kids, we at Fundoo Las believe the best way to make kids understand scientific concepts is through experimenting and connecting science with things used in daily life. So kites are the best tool to teach your kids simple concept of aerodynamics in a fun and happening manner.

 Topics to be covered:

  • Introduction to history of kite and kite flying
  • Understanding use of kite in science
  • Learning to make a Sled Kite
  • Understanding different principle of aerodynamics that kite uses to fly
  • Experimenting with kite’s tail and understanding science behind the tail.
  • Fun with Kite flying
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