Trash into Toys of Learning | Padma Shri Arvind Gupta

On 25 January, this year Arvind Gupta’s name was announced for the civilian award ‘Padma Shri’ in Literature and Education (Affordable Education).

Who is Arvind Gupta?

Arvind Gupta an alumnus of IIT-Kanpur, an educator, a Socialist in a Gandhian outlook is an Indian toy inventor. 64-year-old Arvind Gupta and his small team have created around 1,000 toys, art pieces and scientific experiments for children, conducted free workshops and visited schools to conduct programs since many years.

Arvind Gupta’s Work

Arvind Gupta with his team started spreading this initiative to students across the nation with the help of Internet. They used various toys made out of trash to help explain scientific principles to children. Step-by-step instructions of these toys and experiments were also put up on the Internet.

Watch out this famous TED talk by Arvind Gupta.

“Science is like that. It is not just me who is fascinated by science and uses these simple toys to popularise it. There are so many more who are passionate about inculcating a scientific temper in children.” – Arvind Gupta

We at FundooLabs believe that such concepts should be taken further to students in society. This will help us built students with strong scientific fundamentals. In line with the same concept, FundooLabs has one of its science labs at Bal Bhavan, Vadodara. Kids of different age groups come here to explore amazing science concepts in an enjoyable way.

Over a period of four decades, he has visited more than 3,000 schools, made 6,200 short films on toy-making in 18 languages and has provided free books on his website in 12 languages. His popular TED talk — Turning trash into toys for learning — is among the top 10 globally.