micro:bit – An initiative to inspire digital creativity in young minds!

The BBC micro:bit is a pocket-sized computer that you can code, customise and control to bring your digital ideas, games and apps to life.

micro:bit is a device sized half of a credit card, and designed to be fun and easy to use, users can create anything from games and animations to scrolling stories at school, at home and on the go – all you need is imagination and creativity.

The BBC micro:bit is completely programmable. That means each of its LEDS can be individually programmed as can its buttons, inputs and outputs, accelerometer, magnetometer and Bluetooth Smart Technology.

Fundoo Labs is one of the few official re-sellers of micro:bit in India. Also we  encourage logical thinking in kids with our Coding For Kids workshops. Check out some glimpse of kids enjoying the Coding for kids workshop.


What is a micro:bit?

The BBC micro:bit is a pocket-sized codeable physical computing device. It was designed to be visually appealing and tactile, affordable, easy to use, interactive and extensible. It has a built-in display, buttons, motion detection, temperature and light sensing, and it supports Bluetooth Low Energy wireless communications. It can be programmed via a desktop PC, laptop or tablet running one of several different operating system agnostic web-based programming environments: a Scratch-like block editor, Microsoft’s Touch Develop, Micro Python or JavaScript.

Do you Know what can a micro:bit do?

  • Make some amazing games with  the help of easy to use coding blocks
  • Use its sensors to detect temperature, direction, and light intensity.
  • Build real-time applications like a Simple Calculator or a Step-o-meter or any other thing that comes to your mind
  • Connect with your phone using Bluetooth and control your music player
  • Connect any external device such as motors, LEDs, Sensors or more using its IO

In short, do whatever you can imagine…

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Some finding by micro:bit team

So far after over 1 million micro:bit devices are deployed across the world, Here are some facts:

  • 90% of students said the micro:bit showed them that anyone can code.
  • 86% of students said the micro:bit made Computer Science more interesting.
  • 70% more girls said they would choose Computing as a school subject after using the micro:bit.
  • 85% of teachers agree it has made Computer Science more enjoyable for their students.
  • Half of the teachers who’ve used the micro:bit say they now feel more confident as a teacher, particularly those who say they’re not very confident in teaching Computing.


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