1. What is a STEM Education?

STEM is a curriculum based on the idea of educating students in four specific disciplines — Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics — in an interdisciplinary and applied approach.

Interdisciplinary – Designing Activities/Experiments covering a combination of minimum two subjects out of four. Most of the time, Art is also added as a fifth subject to make it more child/student friendly.

Applied – Application Specific, aligned to real world application, experiment/activity based.

2. Why is Engineering & Technology important for School Kids?

In today’s technology-driven world, we have become a part of technological societies.  Technology Education to school students helps them to become more technologically literate. The term literacy implies that students would be able to function and grow effectively in a technological society. Students also learn about engineering and how to apply science and mathematics to solve real world problems.

3. Who can enroll for Fundoo Labs?

A Boy or a Girl studying in class 1 to class 8 (Age 6 to 15) in any education board (CBSE, IB, ICSE or State Board) can enroll for Fundoo Labs. The STEM Experiments/Activities offered at Fundoo Labs are designed to integrate scientific concepts of each education board.

4. What do children do at Fundoo Labs?

Children meet once in a week for 90 minutes for twenty weeks in a year. They work with STEM Educators and Lab Champions to do fun, hands-on experiments that teach STEM concepts and How STEM knowledge is used both in everyday life and professional world.

Children develop their skill in leadership, communication, creative problem-solving, teamwork, and research. They also have the opportunity to publish their innovative work in Fundoo Journal (quarterly magazine).

5. In which Language Fundoo Labs Activity Sessions are offered?

Presently Fundoo Labs Activity sessions are offered in the English Language. We are working to develop the Fundoo Labs Activity sessions in the Gujarati Language and we would display it on our website once we initiate the same.

We feel that language does not create boundaries for experiment-based learning.  If you feel your child can understand general English, we would happy to enroll your child.

6. What Change should I expect in my child after enrolling with Fundoo Labs?

At Fundoo Labs, our prime intention is to enhance/nurture student’s natural desire to explore, experiment and experience. Within 6-12 months of joining Fundoo Labs, you can expect your child to improve their common sense, build greater analytical and observation capabilities and enhance their technical confidence. It’s also found that effective STEM education develops students for a career in the field of Innovative Technologies, Medical Science, Research & Development etc.

While India is facing tremendous skill Gap for almost all the skills required for India’s inclusive growth, Fundoo Labs equip their students with many scientific, technological and analytical skills as a part of Skill India Movement.

7. What is Student-Teacher ratio? What is the experiment group size?

At Fundoo Labs, we strictly maintain student-teacher ratio to maximum 20:1. Your child does experiments in the group of 4 or 5 based on the specific experiment/activity requirement. Many experiments are being conducted individually also.

8. I want my child to pursue his career in a non-technical field like sports, music, commerce, medical etc. Is Fundoo Labs suitable for him/her?

A Big Yes…! Fundoo Labs works to enhance child’s natural curiosity to explore, experiment and experience. In today’s technology driven world science and technology has become part of all the professions. Hence, a student with greater common sense, more creative ideas and out of the box thinking would do much better in any profession he/she wants to pursue.

9. How do parents know about their Child’s activity at Fundoo Labs?

A “Flinnt Group” would be created for each batch and necessary details/snaps/circulars would be updated time to time.

10. Is anything required to be carried by a child at Fundoo Labs?

No. Fundoo Labs Provides all the materials required for carrying out the experiments and activities. If required for rare instances, request circular would be sent to the Flinnt Group.

11. What if my child misses one or two sessions in Fundoo Labs?

At Fundoo Labs, we encourage students, to attend all sessions. However due to any personal reason, if a child misses one or two sessions, as a goodwill gesture, Fundoo Labs calls the child to attend the session in different batch if possible.

12. What are the safety precautions being taken by Fundoo Labs while carrying out activities and experiments?

Child safety is our utmost priority. Our educators are trained to conduct experiments with required safety standards. Safety gears such as safety goggles, safety gloves etc shall be provided to each and every child based on experiment/activity requirements.

It is mandatory for our Educators and Lab Champions to conduct experiments/activities at least once before demonstrating it to the children. We also use child-friendly material which does not harm our students while performing the experiments/activities.

13. Is any commutation/transportation facility provided by Fundoo Labs?

At Fundoo Labs, we encourage parents/guardians to drop/pick their kids as the session is being conducted only once in a week.

We can share contact details of some trusted VAN operators. However, the responsibility of commutation of students at Fundoo Labs premises totally lies with parents.

14. Can my child change the batch in between the year?

We do not encourage child/parents to change the batch in a specific year as your child would be more open to learn/experiment with known friends. In extreme cases and based on the vacancy available in a different batch, fundoo labs would try to accommodate your child.

15. What is the meaning of “Fundoo”?

Below are some dictionary meanings of “Fundoo”.

As per Urban Dictionary, “Fundoo”, used as a slang word that means “cool” or “awesome” only used in the Hindi language spoken in India.

As per IIT Bombay, a dictionary of Slangs – Anything which is good/enjoyable is “fundoo”. You can have a fundoo meal, watch a fundoo movie, meet a fundoo girl ( not very likely inside the IIT campus, and almost equally improbable outside it, due to the “not very hep” reputation of IITians ). In short, it’s one of those multipurpose words which creeps into almost every sentence of the average IITian.

 As per Cool Slang Dictionary – good, marvelous, wonderful, remarkable

In case if you have any questions other than above, please feel free to Contact Us.