Fun Science Projects (STD 1 to 3)

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  • Duration 04h
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  • Last Update April 30, 2020

About Course

Children get to learn science concepts through a unique combination of exciting science experiments.


Here we bring our signature workshop for kids online. ‘Fun science projects’ is an activity-based learning STEM workshop that helps kids learn science concepts like air, water, light etc. with DIY activities.

Every child will be making five science projects using kit delivered at your home.

Recommended Age: STD: 1 – 3 years

What Will I Learn?

  • Learn science with fun.
  • Get your fundamental science concepts cleared.
  • Build hands-on activity skills

Topics for this course

15 Lessons04h

Bird in Cage

What did you learn?
Explore More
How does it work?
Making bird in cage

Fabulous Filter

Your Own Cement Pot

Newton’s Colour Disc



Material Includes

  • All required material will be delivered at your place in a unique DIY Kit.
  • DIY Video Tutorials
  • Lessons of scientific concepts for each project
  • Quiz for each project
  • Downloadable project information sheet for each project

Target Audience

  • Recommended for students of Class 1 to 3
  • Science teachers
  • Science enthusiast