Fundoo Internship/Fellowship (with Stipend)

Fundoo Internship/Fellowship (with Stipend)

Paid Fellowship Program, Vadodara

Who are we?

Fundoo Labs Creative Learning LLP is an innovative education start-up offering hands-on activities/experiments in the field of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) to school kids. We strongly believe that quality of life of every individual (and thus, the quality of country and its future) depends on their skills. The prime intention of Fundoo Labs is to enhance STEM skills of our next generation to make it most creative and innovative task force.

We are looking for the people who are passionate for bridging scientific skill gap by changing the way of learning Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics.

What is Fundoo Fellowship Program?

Fundoo Fellowship program brings together like-minded, talented, and young individuals who want to bring a positive change in the education domain across various STEM centers in Vadodara. Simultaneously, identifying and developing their own strengths and weaknesses.

Through this program, the fellows not only contribute in the lives of students, teachers, school, and parents by making them realize the importance of activity-based education and hands-on learning but also, undertake various responsibilities that in turn make the fellows more competent, skilled, and diligent for other roles they are going to undertake. Fellows are actively mentored and will benefit from the experience of working in such practical classes.

The fellowship operates in cycles of 3 Months, 6 Months & 12 Months. Fundoo Labs would pay the stipend to the selected fellows and expect fellows to facilitate/conduct experiment classes across age groups.

One can promise a commitment in either of the three options. There is no bond and one has the option to leave before completing his/her opted time period. However, Fellowship is a commitment and is meant for those who are motivated to bring about change at the heart of our education system – schools. We don’t want fellows who will drop out prematurely due to family pressures, marriage plans, and fancy pay package of their friends or a university education. Hence, the flexibility in duration of commitment cycles

Interested applicants can send the mail mentioning their basic profile to If we found your profile matching our needs, we would call you for face to face discussion.

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