Who We Are?

Fundoo Labs is a creative learning space where kids can explore Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) with fun, hands-on activities and with a clear focus on learning. Fundoo Labs provides in-school programs, after-school programs, weekend programs, vacation program and many such other programs where kids use their own natural curiosity to explore, experiment and make discoveries about the world around them.

Fundoo Labs provides safe and creative environment for Kids of Class 1 to Class 9 (Age 6 to 15 years) to uncover the dynamic and engaging subjects of STEM with fun filled hands-on experiments and activities. We prepare kids to work independently as well as in a team to solve complex problems, which equip them to cope up and compete with current technology driven world.

What we are trying to achieve?

“I Listen and I Forget, I See & I Remember, I Do and I Understand”.

Exactly in line with above quote, we strongly believe that the true learning happens with hands-on activities instead of just reading/mugging from the text-books. At Fundoo Labs, we are constantly working to tap children’s natural desire to experiment and explore. At Fundoo Labs your kids would implement their ideas, test their assumptions, use their imaginations, and take risks to enhance their endless abilities to learn, think, analyse and innovate.


Let your child experience, experiment and explore science and technology in most creative way..

The teacher plays the most important role in building the skills in their students. We provide training and support to science educators for planning and executing high-quality lessons that bring experiential learning to classrooms.Our Teacher’s training program has been designed to enhance knowledge, develop skills, challenge mindsets and build networks, ensuring institutional changes in teaching-learning methodologies in the school ecosystem.

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Every year Fundoo Labs Organises science project competition among their students and three best projects get attractive recognition.

Fundoo Labs offers interactive STEM events in Vadodara which focuses on STEM shows for kids and grown-ups. Our interactive shows provide the maximum involvement of participants in the experiments and activities. We know how to surprise and amaze people with the most spectacular and unbelievable things!

So whether be it a Family / Annual day in your organization, an exhibition at your institution or an innovative birthday party at a private setting for your kids, we do it all! Only the best and the most spectacular stunts and tricks are put together in these events.

There are many reasons for you to choose FundooLabs for your child’s Creative Growth. Here are just few of them.

Fundoo Labs programs are professionally design for creative growth of your child by duly considering academic curriculum and age specific mental abilities mapped internationally. Our faculties and program managers provides personalised mentoring based on your child’s area of interest to enhance their explorative and innovative capabilities. The contents of our courses are continuously improved and always synchronised with latest technology and curriculum trends.

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